Cosmetic Clinic of the Year
Winner: Clinetix Facial Rejuvenation (Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Gillian Scott, Carol-Anne Tomlinson, Lynsey Dykes, Nichola Wallace, Simon Ravichandran, Emma Ravichandran, Justyna Fuminkowska, Nicole Eakins, Kelly Dunning, Veslava Makut, Jolinta Gallacher.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery of the Year
Winner: Glasgow Smile Clinic (Glasgow)

Photo L-R: Kirsty McLaughlin and Lisa Buchanan.

Spa of the Year  
Winner: Crieff Hydro (Crieff)
Photo L-R: Fiona Young, Geraldine Lawson.
Masseuse of the Year
Winner: Tina McCaffery (The Therapy Rooms, Invergordon)
Photo L-R: Lisa Bates, Tina McCaffery and Patricia Miller
Fake Bake Therapist of the Year
Winner: Libby Carroll (Tanquility, Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Libby Carroll, Craig Alexander Wilson of Fake Bake
Fake Bake Spray Tanner of the Year
Winner: Sara Bingham (Sassy’s, Irvine)
Photo L-R: Sara Bingham
Fake Bake Salon of the Year

Winner: VIP Salon (Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Sara Carberry, Collette Watt, Natasha King, Linda Knotts, Cindy Simpson, Anne-Marie Hughes, Natalie Hughes, Megan Ryan, Louise Bula, Rebecca Rafferty, Mellissa Gray, Lucy Hart and Amanda McCamley.

Salon Design of the Year

Winner: Sassy’s (Irvine)
Photo L-R: Robyn Murray, Amber Jamieson, Amy Caulder, Brooke Murray, Ria Greenan, Kirsty Mackison, Sara Bingham, Helen Robertson, Laura Chree, Claire Farquhar and Yvonne Spence.

Best of Edinburgh

Winner: Dune Hairdressing (Edinburgh)
Photo L-R: no caption

Best of Glasgow
Winner: Westend Wax and Beauty (Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Lisa Lafferty, Debbie Porter


Best Marketing Campaign
Winner: Ego Hair Design (Inverness)
Photo L-R: Caroline Sanderson

Make Up Specialist of the Year
Winner: Sandy Burgess (Dunblane)
Photo L-R: Sandy Burgess

Nail Technician of the Year
Winner: Mandy Gibson (J’adore Beauty, Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Mandy Gibson, Sami Mackie

Beautician of the Year
Winner: Amy Brown (Amy Bee Beauty, Irvine)
Photo L-R: Amy Brown


Beauty Salon of the Year /

North East
Winner: Beauty Salon at Nuffield (Aberdeen)


North West
Winner: Ibiza Sun Tanning and Beauty (Fort William)
Photo L-R:  Dorota Palicka, Patryk Palicka

South East and Overall
Winner: The Floatarium Spa (Edinburgh)
Photo L-R: Amy Smith, Carri Robertson, Pamela Dunn, Hazel McCutcheon, Samantha Duncan and Shannon Downie.

South West

Winner: Tan Oz (Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Kelly McDermott and Rachel McDermott



Hair and Beauty Guru
Winner: Fiona Tutte (Pure Lochside)


Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Denise McAdam
Photo L-R: Harry McAdam (on behalf of Denise McAdam)

Junior Stylist of the Year
Winner: Amie Claire Marshall (Saks Academies, Glasgow)
Photo L-R: Amie Claire Marshall

Colour Technician of the Year
Winner: Kirsty Barrie (Medusa, Edinburgh)

Photo L-R: Kirsty Barrie

Hair Extension Specialist of the Year
Winner: Nicola Geddes (Pin Up’s Hair Salon, Glasgow)
Photo L-R:  Lorraine McKinstry, Hannah Hill, Nicola Geddes, Charlotte Martin, Lauren McCormack.

Best Barbers 2014
Winner: H.I.M Grooming (Edinburgh)
Photo L-R: Wendy Brown, Nicola Pearson


Men’s Stylist of the Year
Winner: Scott Williams (Boombarbers, Edinburgh)
Photo L-R: Scott Williams

Women’s Stylist of the Year
Winner: Donna McArthur (Glasgow)
Photo L-R:  Donna McArthur

Hair Salon of the Year /

North East
Winner: Cach-Ca Hair Studio (Aberdeen)
Photo L-R: Mark Cowe, Carrie Cameron

North West
Winner: Avalon Hair and Beauty (Oban)
Photo L-R:  Carol Young, Jackie Denheijer, Ian Denheijer
South East
Winner: Myka (Bathgate)
Photo L-R: Joanne Gibson, Cheryl Bowes, Kimberly Jarvie, Angelina Tiffoney, Chelsey McQueen, Aimee Grubb.

South West and Overall
Winner: Blo Dry (Glasgow)
Photo L-R: no caption



    The Host for the evening was Diane Knox - Cambell (Knoxy of Clyde1)

    Entertainement - 4th State

    Entertainement - Rewind